Earlier Settlements


Livadi is the biggest settlement and the only port of Serifos. It is situated in the south-east edge of the island, in a gulf which is a famous anchorage, protected by the strong north winds. It is about 5 kilometers away from Chora.

Its architecture is Cycladic with white cube-like houses. Livadi is the touristic center of the island, where there are many shops, bars, clubs, taverns, restaurants, hotels and rooms to let. In the area, there is also a bank, a shop of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation, a post office, a port office, a news agency and a petrol station.

In Livadi, the only organized beach of the island, Avlomonas, is located. In the southern part of Livadi, the area Livadakia is found, further part of the settlement, where the only camping site of Serifos is situated.

The rest earlier settlements are the following:



Mega Livadi




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