Traditional Settlements


Chora is built amphitheatrically on the rocky hill of the cove of Livadi, to be protected by pirate raids.

Two recessed stoas (entrances) survived and belong to the medieval settlement. At the top of the hill there are remains of the Venetian castle, while at the highest point of the rock, the church of St Konstantinos is found. While being there, visitor can admire the islands around Serifos.

There are many churches in various areas of the settlement, which wait for visitors to discover them. Chora is divided in two neighborhoods, Pano Chora (upper section) and Kato Chora (lower section). In Pano Chora there is Piatsa or, in other words, the Square of City Hall. The City Hall is housed in a neoclassical building. In Kato Chora, there is the Folklore Museum of the island, where visitors could admire objects of the traditional life of the island, but also samples of the mineral resources of Serifos.

Square of Myloi (wind mills) is situated in a unique area of Chora, where nowadays only three restored mills have survived, but the remains of the rest can also be seen.

The rest traditional settlements of the island are the following:





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