Are you Here?

You are on Serifos, an island where everything seems to roll in their own calm and relaxed pace. Sit in one of the many cafés in Livadi, the port of the island, and plan your stay peacefully. On Serifos, there are many places worth visiting, such as the main town of the island (Chora), its Venetian Castle and its Churches, settlements of Koutalas and Mega Livadi with their old facilities of mines, but also the Monastery of Taxiarches in a castle. You will be thrilled with the number of sandy beaches and small taverns. Whole Serifos is full of small paths, which lead whether to captivating beaches or to traditional settlements, where you can admire the traditional Cycladic architecture.

On Serifos there are more than 116 churches, many of which are restored Byzantine churches, others were built in remote areas, the access to which is possible only through paths, and others are built within the settlements. The Monastery of Taxiarches, which is near village Galani, is of great architectural interest. It was built in 1572 and there are still monks there. In 1617, a peer educational school was founded, which owned many Venetian grounds and a great amount of wealth. Its building looks like a fortress, it is built with a high fenced area around it, and it has got only one entrance at height of 4 meters, battlements and portable stairs. The Monastery is devoted to Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who are patron saints of the island, and their icon, which was transferred to the island from Cyprus, is regarded to do miracles.

The Folklore Museum of Serifos is situated in Kato Chora (lower part of the capital of the island) and is housed in a building of traditional architecture. It was founded in 1976 and belongs to the Association of People from Serifos. In its premises are found objects of the everyday life of people from Serifos, most of which are donations of the inhabitants themselves. Among exhibits of the museum there are wefts, pottery, porcelains, household articles and tools, local costumes and other objects, while there is also a representation of a traditional house of Serifos. Moreover, in a separate room, there is a collection of rocks and semiprecious stones found in the rich ground of Serifos.

At the back side of the Museum there is a small outdoor theatre with a capacity of 300 seats, where academic and cultural events take place.

The Archaeological Museum of Serifos is located at the Myloi square in Chora. It houses findings from the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman period coming from various areas of the island. Of particular interest are some headless statues and a collection of amphorae.

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