Serifos at a glance

Serifos is an island in the Aegean Sea that belongs to the Cyclades . The island's capital is Chora , which is built at an altitude of  200 m.  Seaport is Livadi , while other major settlements are Rammos, Panagia , Galani ,Megalo Lovadi and Kentarhos .

The surface of Serifos is estimated at 75,207 square kilometers . and has a coastline of 83 km . In the 2011 census had a population of 1,420 people. The island has three main paved roads . The drives from  Livadi to Chora . After Chora the road forks . A street covering the northern and eastern part of the island ( Northern Regional ) and the other the south (Southern Regional ) . Both branches cyclically returning from the south to Livadi.Known beaches are  Livadakia , Karavi , Kalo Ampeli, Ganema, Vaya and Koutalas  in the south, Malliadiko , Megalo Livadi  and Avessalos west, Sykamia , Platis Gialos and Skala to the north and Psili Ammos ,Agios Sostis,Agios Ioannis and Lia in the east.

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